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Bronze: Roadside Assistance and Local Recovery Service

Definition of area of cover

These policies will cover you when you are travelling anywhere in the United Kingdom which is defined as England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands as long as the breakdown occurs more than 1 mile from your home.

If you want to be covered at home or within a mile then you need to look at the National Recovery policy which also covers the Homestart option.


What is covered

Roadside assistance

In the event of breakdown more than 1 mile from your home address, we will organise and pay to attend the vehicle in order to effect repairs. We will pay for up to a maximum 30 minutes labour. If we are unable to effect repairs, we will arrange and pay for local recovery.


Local recovery

In the event that the vehicle cannot be repaired or remobilised following our roadside assistance, we will arrange and pay for the costs of taking the vehicle, including motor homes up to 7m long and 3m high, 2.3m wide, any caravan or trailer, and the driver and up to 7 passengers to the nearest suitable garage within a 25 mile radius.


Message relay service

We will pass on urgent messages to your family, business or friends if your journey has been delayed due to the breakdown/immobilisation of the vehicle.





If you want to be covered within a mile of your home, or a 25 miles radius limit for the recovery service doesn't work for you, have a look at our Local, National & Homestart policy



Please also refer to the general conditions and general exclusions applying to all sections.

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