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General conditions applying to all sections of this policy


Claims - your duties:

If a claim occurs you must comply with the relevant claims procedures described in this document as soon as you can.


Claims – our rights

We can take over and carry out the defence or settlement of any claim. After we have made a payment, we can pay to take legal action to get back any payment we have made under this assistance insurance. If we want to, we will examine the vehicle and will test damaged components.


Looking after your vehicle

You must take all reasonable steps to safeguard the vehicle against breakdown/immobilisation and/or electrical or mechanical failure.



If you or any beneficiary claiming under this insurance makes a claim that is false or dishonest in any way, this insurance will not be valid and you will lose all benefits under it.


Renewal of your insurance cover

If you have annual breakdown cover, Online Travel Insurance Services Ltd will notify you at least 21 days prior to the expiry of the period of insurance as shown on your certificate of insurance. We may vary the terms of your cover and the premium rates at the renewal date.


Making changes to your policy

Your selected annual cover level cannot be changed midterm and can only be adjusted at the renewal date.



Please also refer to the general exclusions applying to all sections.